Opening Post

The Animation Curation is devoted to sharing the current films and projects, trends and future of the animation industry. I hope to collect articles from a variety of sources including other animation blogs, industry websites and more. I will curate information and analyze what I believe it means for the industry.  Here is a link to my Twitter list for this curation blog.

Here are ten sites I hope to use on my Blog:

1. Rotoscopers  This website is a good source because it seems to have news story updates at least once a day. It has film reviews and looks into upcoming projects as well.

2. The Pixar Times  This unofficial Pixar sites specifically looks into the films of this industry leading animation studio.

3. Cartoon Brew    This blog analyses many new projects and films in the industry. It covers a variety of animation, including shorts, television, film and animation festivals.

4. Animation Magazine    This website is the official site of the publication with the same name. It is updated with new articles multiple times a day. This is a great source for new information on films and the industry.

5. On Animation    This site focuses more on the process of animation, not so much on industry news. This could be a valuable source to refer to when analyzing upcoming trends.

6. The Animation Anomaly    This blog analyses animation trends and where the industry is possibly headed in a more in-depth way most other sources on this list.

7. Animation Scoop     This is a professional site run by a former studio executive  from large animation companies such as Nickelodeon. It is updated regularly. It has many features, such as comparing older animation with present works.

8. Anime News Network   This site analyzes animation from Japan, or anime. A nation that produces more animation than most, it is important to look at this site to view world animation as a whole.

9. Animated Views  This blog provides original news and is a curation site as well. It is updated multiple times a day, so this is a good go to source for news.

10. Skwigly  This is a British online magazine that reviews, previews, and analyzes animation news. It should be helpful to have a non-US perspective.


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