Retro revival: DuckTales to return

It was announced this week that new DuckTales episodes are returning to television on Disney X D in 2017. The Rotoscopers make the interesting point that older animated works have had a revival on the big screen lately, (think Mr. Peabody & Sherman, The Smurfs). However, this is not common for animated television revivals.


DuckTales originally aired in 1987. Reading through a few articles, it seems individuals are excited to see its return; it was a show many watched as a child. I always have the feeling that transitional generations (current generations who remembered living without the internet as a child) enjoy revivals of childhood shows if they are done correctly. This is the key. If the generation that grew up with the show does not approve of it, the viewership will be low.

I believe that DuckTales is in good hands. Disney X D has produced many acclaimed shows in recent years, such as Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb.

This article discusses how television networks are following the trend of rebooting old series and how this relates to the upcoming DuckTales reboot. The author says that this reboot will be a great way to connect thirty-something year old parents with their children.

Although we have to wait two more years for its release, DuckTales is another strong example in the recent trend of animation revivals.


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