Nickelodeon animation scholarship launched

Nickelodeon knows animation talent is out there. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of financial help to find it.


Nickelodeon is teaming up with the Get Schooled, a non-profit, to offer a $25,000 scholarship to a young animator. The award will go to one 17 to 24-year-old talented animator. The early scholarship application is available, but more details on submission requirements are yet to be released.

After writing about the professional industry on my last few posts, I think it’s important to switch gears a bit and focus on how the animation community plans to produce new leaders for the future. Writing about Disney and other major studios is very informational and interesting, but even those animators started somewhere.

This lengthy piece about what it takes to become a Disney animator (can apply to becoming an animator for any studio) emphasizes persistence. That is obvious; persistence is needed in perusing any occupation. What that piece fails to recognize is that the best animators in the world may never emerge because of financial  concerns.

Do you want to be animator? Keep an eye out on this scholarship and keep checking for updates. The animation world needs more talent to keep the craft fresh original from the minds of a creative, new generation.


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