Animated horror film on Kickstarter

Can you think of any animated horror films off the top of your head? Maybe The Corpse Bride or Caroline, but besides those two and maybe a few others, there are not many straightforward animated horror movies. One man wants to follow his dream and make one about a demented figure that has been haunting him since his childhood.


This figure is BoxheadIt is currently crowd funding on KickstarterBoxhead will be about an alcoholic and reclusive writer who is able to see a creature that brings out the greatest fears in people. Judging by the video on the Kickstarter page, the style of the film looks rather minimalist and despairing. However, the completed animation looks very fluid. If the entire film can be finished, it will definitely be a visual treat.

As of this writing, the film is $8,500 away from its intended $26,000 goal with 34 days remaining in the campaign. In today’s industry, it can be tough to raise funds to make a project, so it is very good news that Boxhead is on track to reach its goal.

Although the film probably won’t attract a wide audience, it certainly will be a big talking point in the animation community. An animated horror film: such a little used phrase.


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