Anne Frank’s diary to become animated film

anne frank
A completed still from the film

Acclaimed animation director Ari Folman has released the first images of his animated take of Anne Frank’s diary. He previously directed the Oscar-nominated Waltz with Bashir and the experimental live-action/ animated hybrid, The Congress.

The adaptation is set to be traditionally animated and stop-motion animated, a rare film combination.The UK publication The Guardian states that the film will focus on the events of the diary through Kitty, Frank’s imaginary friend. There is no set release date for the film and it is still being funded.

For someone not familiar with Folman’s work, his films concern dark and intense adult subject matters, such as Waltz with Bashir, which details a soldier’s viewpoint of the 1982 Lebanon conflictThe Congress has an even more atypical (for an animated film) premise, which is about an actress allowing her image to be used in feature films by a studio.

If anyone can tackle a stop-motion/traditionally animated Anne Frank biopic, it is Folman. Very few animators make dramas, let alone biopics. One recent example that comes to mind is Hayao Miyazaki’s 2013 film, The Wind Rises

Animators as ambitious as Folman are rare in today’s industry, and his film-making diversity is vital to the creative landscape of feature animated films.


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