The Incredibles 2: a script has begun

When Pixar’s The Incredibles was released in November of 2004, it received rave reviews, an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and eventually totaled a world-wide box office gross of $631,4The-Incredibles42,092. According to various sources, The Incredibles director Brad Bird has begun writing the The Incrdibles 2 script.

According to the Pixar Times, it has been over a year since Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Pixar was working on The Incredibles 2. The waits and delays can be attributed to one factor: Brad Bird’s love for the original film and his assurance that the next one will be of greater or equal quality. “If I can come up with a story that is as good or better than that first film, then I’d love to return to that world, but it would have to be story first,” Bird stated in a 2007 interview.

There is no release date and there is not expected to be one for a while.

In other Brad Bird related news, his live-action sci-fi film, Tomorrowland, will hit theaters on May 22.


11 thoughts on “The Incredibles 2: a script has begun

  1. As a Pixar fan I am definitely looking forward to this film. The Incredibles, alongside A Bug’s Life and Ratatouille is amongst my top 3 Pixar films. Pixar are known for their excellent storytelling so I wonder how this this particular film will unfold. How many years will have passed from the original film? Who’s the new villain in town? Well, all will be revealed.


    1. Yes, I am incredibly excited about the Incredibles 2 as well (haha). By the time they release it, I’m guessing it’ll be about 13 or 14 years since the original. Yes, there are so many options that writer Brad Bird can explore! I think Ratatouille is in my top three as well. Such a unique movie.


      1. Cool! Who’s your favourite character? Indeed, it is an original film. I love the main soundtrack(La Festin), then again I like them in all Pixar films haha. Last year I got the chance to watch ‘Pixar in Concert’. An orchestra played the scores from the films live, on the screen were footage of the films. It was sensational!
        P.S Same dude here haha, just changed user and domain name 🙂


      2. I think I like Elastgirl the best. She has the strongest personality and really keeps the family together. Yeah, Pixar music is great. That’s so cool you got to see the concert! Sounds like a good time. What is your top 5 Pixar movies? I know, tough question.


  2. Awesome! She is brilliant. She’s all ‘flexible’ xD Hmmm, well as for myself it’s Dash. I recall the first time I watched it in the cinemas and just loving the character. I love his humour and of course fast speed. I had a toy of him that said ‘Dash is my name, speed is my game whoosh!’. My favourite scene is when he closes in on the water after being chased by the bad guys, his momentum is too strong to hold back so in horror he covers his eyes but then to his surprise he realises he’s still running…on water! He then chuckles, cue in the Incredibles soundtrack haha! Indeed, it was great. If it ever plays where you are I highly recommend it 😉

    Yikes, indeed, a tough question! But a good one nonetheless haha 😉

    Okay The Incredibles is numero uno, A Bug’s Life is number 2, Ratatouille is number 3 now here’s the tricky part. I mean, Ratatouille & A Big’s Life could go either 2nd or 3rd. A Bug’s Life is in the top 3 because it was the first ever Pixar film I watched so it’s ‘always in my heart’…Know what Walt Disney Classic film that’s from? 😛 ^^ Anyhow, I think Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo and Monsters University are my next favourites. I’ll go with Monsters University & Toy Story 3. But I really like Finding Nemo too, such a poignant film 🙂 That scene with Andy letting go of his toys almost had me, I was tearing up. I went with a friend who is also a Toy Story fan and he almost let loose too haha. How about yourself? What’s your top 5!?


    1. I love that scene as well when Dash realizes he can run on the water. It is such an empowering moment, when the audience realizes just how incredible the Incredibles are. Fantastic scene.

      That’s a great list! Yeah, making one is always tough. 1 has to be Toy Story. I think I love that so much because of it’s many deep themes that can be viewed from so many different angles. The moment Buzz realizes he is not a unique individual when watching the Buzz Light Year commercial, but a toy being mass produced by the millions always gets me. Man is that a hard-hitting message!

      Number 2 is The Incredibles. Just an awesome movie all around. It’s a family drama, an awesome action movie, and a stellar spy flick.

      3. I’ve always had a soft spot for Ratatouille. I just like the unique and absurd story. The end is one of the greatest payoffs in film history.

      4. Monsters Inc. I have seen this one at least 50 times. I used to watch it four times a year or more just for fun. It always compelling, me especially Mike and Sully’s friendship. And “She’s out of our hands! You know, its the company musical we’re putting on!” And they actually perform it in the end credits. Brilliant.

      5. This is where it gets tough. Let’s say Toy Story 2. I could watch this movie repeatedly and never get bored. It’s such a fast-paced adventure movie and probably Pixar’s funniest. “Andy will eb sitting around the campfire and having some delicious hot schmoes.” “They’re called s’mores, Buzz.”

      That’s all, have to go! Cool discussion man! Let’s talk more about disney, it’s one of my favorite things.


      1. I’ve just read your comment and I have to say, you make some really good points. I forgot about a few of those moments you mention, this is one of the reasons why I am working on a Pixar film collection, so that I can relive those moments and be inspired. I will say that the song in Toy Story 2 with Jesse starting out her window with a flashback of her time with Emily I think it was, that was an extremely poignant scene to the fact that I was most definitely connected to the character at that point, I felt her sadness.

        Absolutely! I don’t know if you want it to continue here? If it bothers you at all with all these comments haha. If not then, I’ll go ahead and ask the first question 😉


      2. Yeah, that Toy Story 2 scene was great. Thank you for reading my insights! Haha, this is a great place to have discussions, I do not mind. You may ask your question.


      3. Pleasure. Awesome. I was hoping you were gonna say that! I feel very much in the animation realm here haha. Rightio, I guess the first question is much like the last. What’s your top 5 Walt Disney Classic films?


      4. Disney films:
        1. Beauty and the Beast. I think the cinematography and color is beautiful. The songs are charming as well. Nice to see a somewhat independent heroine in a Disney film too from this era.

        2. Pinocchio. The detail in this film always astounds me. I really think it is the golden standard for making a great cartoon movie. Great scenes, authentic emotions’ everything works.

        3. Fox and the Hound. Many may think this is an odd choice, but I like it because it is different than most Disney films. At its very core, this movie is a drama about the inevitable fact that friendships from childhood evolve over time, because less important, or completely disappear. As a child, that specific friendship might seem like the most important thing in the world, but as we mature and discover more important things in life (Copper finds hunting and gets closer to his mentor and Todd finds his natural habitat and his mate).

        4. Aladdin. Robin William’s humor makes this film. However, it is still a very strong story with a likable cast without the Genie. Excellent songs help too.

        5. The Lion King. Great story of redemption that really brings some serious issues to the forefront for many children. I especially like the crisp animation of this film.

        There are others that are super influential, such as Fantasia, but I do not enjoy that one as much, despite its importance.

        What is your list?

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Hey there, great list. You’re really good at summarising. I’ll try and do my best.

        I haven’t seen Fox and the Hound, and have only seen Pinocchio once, a few years ago. Although I may have watched it when I was a child but I can’t remember. I remember the song though, ‘When you wish upon a Star’ because I had a sing-a-long disney video which had a lot of the popular disney movie songs. I haven’t seen Fantasia.

        Now to my list, first of all its not in a specific order, albeit number one is my number one.

        1. The Lion King. I love the story and the songs. I think it’s a very poignant tale, much like you said it’s a great redemption story. Although it’s a very sad thing that happens to the main character, what follows is a very fun ride. I think Timon and Pumbe are my favourite characters. Circle of Life is a top notch song, great song to begin the film.
        I’ve also seen the musical and I have to tell you, it’s great. Have you seen it? Oh, also, you should check out a short animation clip, it’s called The Madness of Scar by Eduardo Quintana. It was for the 20th Anniversary of the film. I saw it a few days ago after a friend told me about it.

        2. Tarzan. Completely loved the animation and colours in this one. The opening scene is epic and sets the tone, with the ‘Two Worlds and One Family’ song we see his family make their trip to the jungle. I love the humour in the film as well, Tarzan as a child emulating his gorilla mother for example ‘Huh?!’…’Huh?!’. Fist pump moment is probably when he defeats the very creature that, we assume, killed his parents. The story of him growing up in a different world to which he usually would, very much being an outsider then becoming the mediator is one that I really like.

        3. Beauty and the Beast. I actually saw this film fairly recently believe it or not, about 3 years ago I think. Before that, I had just seen the video clip of Belle singing the song ‘Little Town’ on the disney film I mentioned above numerous times so it was quite weird when I finally got the chance to watch that specific clip again, and for the movie to continue haha. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to like it so much, I mean I liked it(the world) when I played in it in a video game named Kingdom Hearts. But when I actually sat down and watched it, it was like watching a beautiful painting at work. My gosh, the scenes are beautiful in the film. Animation too. It’s a classic fairytale. You’re right, now that I think about it, Belle was certainly independent. She wasn’t at all fazed by not so modest” Gaston. That’s what makes her likeable I think, she knew what she wanted and went for it.

        4. Mulan. Another independent heroine now that I think about it. She took initiative against her father’s will. She was afraid but still did what was brave and in the end everything turned out spectacularly well. I like the turning point of the film where Mulan completes the challenge of grabbing the arrow by climbing the pole during training camp. It’s a pumping the fist moment for me. “Yeah!”
        It was during the ‘I’ll Make a Man out of You’ song which is my favourite in the film.

        5. Aladdin. You’re right. The Genie is excellent in this one, great job by Robbin Williams. The ‘Friend in me’ song is my favourite. I love his slapstick humour and personality. Also like the story very much so.

        Thanks for asking the question. It took a while to write about them haha.

        More questions:

        Have you seen all Walt Disney Classic films?
        What’s your favourite 3D feature length Walt Disney film?


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