Mamoru Hosoda’s newest film teased

An image from Mamoru Hosada’s newest film, “The Boy and the Beast,” set for Japanese release on July 11. This is Hosada’s fourth film.

Mamoru Hosoda has been one of the most reliable directors in the anime film industry the past decade. In an increasingly rare craft helmed by a selected few in Japan, Hosoda usually delivers. His newest film, The Boy and the Beast, released an English subtitled trailer today. It will hit theaters in Japan on July 11. There is no release date for the English  yet. To learn more about the film, refer to this piece on the film from Variety.

Hosoda is one of anime’s most important directors today, along with Makoto Shinkai (director of 5 Centimeters Per Second) and Yasuhiro Yoshiura (Patema Inverted). With the retirement of Hayao Miyazaki last year, very few Japanese anime filmmakers remain.

Hosoda’s previous films have dealt with the uniqueness and struggles of family life, especially in 2009’s Summer Wars and 2012’s Wolf Children. His themes, style, and film making quality have often led individuals to call Hosoda the “next Miyazaki.” The two directors are more different than similar, but in the shrinking industry, it is only natural to declare someone as Miyazaki’s successor if there are remote similarities in style.

When The Boy and the Beast is released, critics and fans alike will decide if the film strengthens Hosoda’s already impressive legacy.


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