Sand animation in India

People know about sandcastles: these can be built for fun at the beach or be constructed into artistic creations. But sand animation? That is actually an existing at form, and it is happening at a cultural festival in Bhubaneswar, India.

According to The Times of India, the 10 minute short film is about rituals associated with Nabakalebar, a religious ritual which involves sacred idols. Read more about the preparation for the festival, which is a tourist draw.

Returning to the innovation of sand animation in Bhubaneswar, this says a great deal about the possibilities for creativity in animation. Although sand animation is not new (check out a an early example here from the 1960s), it is incredibly uncommon, so any news about the art form is significant.

Readers: next time you visit the beach or encounter desert sands, know there is a possibility for animation anywhere and with anything.


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