“The Boy and the Beast” US distributer: FUNimation

An image from the upcoming Mamoru Hosoda film, “The Boy and the Beast.” It will be released by FUNimation in North America in late 2015 with a wide release in early 2016.

A few weeks ago, The Animation Curation featured a preview for Mamoru Hosoda’s newest film, The Boy and the Beast, due for Japanese release on July 11. FUNimation Entertainment recently announced they will be distributing the film theatrically and on home video.

Previous to this news, the film’s US release date was unknown. But now The Boy and the Beast will be in select American theaters by the end of the year, and nationwide in early 2016.

Although early 2016 seems like a lifetime away, it will come soon. After all, I can still remember eagerly anticipating the subtitled release of Hosoda’s 2012 film,Wolf Children. The good news is the wait time between the Japanese release and US release is quite manageable: roughly 5-6 months. The wait time for Wolf Children was 11 months after its Japanese release.

Over time, I speculate that the wait time between anime film releases across countries will continue to shrink until Japanese releases debut the same day as subtitled versions and dubs.


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