Pixar: there is no “best” film

Anyone who says they have a favorite Pixar film is wrong. Oh, you like Toy Story the best? No you don’t. You say you that Up is obviously the best film the studio has made? You’re wrong.

I see lists like this all the time such as: “Pixar Films Ranked from best to Worst” and “Top Ten Pixar Films.” Although there is some merit to these rankings and your personal ranking of these films, in the end, you are still wrong.

pixar rank
When it comes down to it, the “Top Ten” Pixar lists and related lists are meaningless. Pixar films cannot be ranked, they are (mostly) all equal.

People like lists. They like items to be ranked in order of quality. However, this system does not apply to everything, such as: listing one’s own children, Cold Stone Ice Cream combinations and Pixar films. There are no “bad” Pixar movies, but I can use maybe a finger or two to count the lesser ones.

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Disney poop pulled at Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Match the Species, sold at Animal Kingdom, has been discontinued. I don’t think anyone is upset about this.

Disney World tried to be a little edgy, but that’s no what the people wanted. Instead, they had an accident. About a week ago, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park began selling chocolate desserts shaped like animal feces at the park’s Zuri Sweets Shop. After numerous complaints, the Disney discontinued the treat.

According to the Disney Food Blog, the dessert was called Match the Species.

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Nickelodeon Magazine returns!

Nickelodeon Magazine Please! The front cover of the June 2015 edition. Will this begin a new early of the legendary publication?

Remember the old days of the 90s and early 2000s that everyone seems to talk about on the Internet, filled with Rugrats, Britney Spears and others? Now a key player is returning: Nickelodeon Magazine is back on the press and was released this week.

That’s right, the legendary magazine that filled so many childhoods with outrageous pranks, innovative humor and a reporting dog is producing new content.  If this isn’t sparking any memories, Buzzfeed is here to remind us why we loved Nick Mag. Thanks, Buzz.

Nick Mag made its first splash in 1993 and enjoyed 13 years old publication before it quietly disappeared from newsstands in 2009.

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Mutafukaz: new gangster sci-fi animated epic

Cartoonbrew reports that Mutafukaz, a new sci-fi animated film made by Japan’s Studio 4°C and French multimedia company Ankama, is in development. The film, an adaptation of the eponymous French comic, is about a hallucination-prone pizza delivery man and his adventures avoiding death from various adversaries. It would probably make more sense if you watched the trailer:

This movie looks very stylized and abstract, yet not so abstract that it is jarring to look at (unlike Studio 4°C’s Mind Game). The first thing that I noticed watching the trailer is how fluid and aesthetically pleasing the animation is.

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“Frozen” lawsuit settled

The courtroom can be a cold place, as both Disney and The Snowman creator Kelly Wilson know. In March of 2014, Wilson sued Disney after noticing substantial similarities between his aforementioned short film and a trailer for Frozen. Now, the suit has been settled.

Watch this comparison video and see if you notice any similarities:

Okay, so there’s a snowman in each video who’s being harassed by an animal, resulting in nose difficulties. Also, it seems the concept is nearly identical. What do you think? Any other major similarities that you see? Did Disney actually steal Wilson’s storyline for their Frozen trailer?

Maybe we should just let it all melt, and then there won’t be any snowmen to worry about.

One Piece: the endless pirate anime

Anime News Network recently published an article called “How to Conquer One Piece” and I had to laugh. One Piece is an anime series about a pirate exploring basically everywhere on Earth’s oceans. It is around 700 episodes long–and not over yet.

one piece
There’s the whole gang of “One Piece.” The series is near 700 episodes in length and refuses to stop. Wanna watch it?

700 episodes… Take that in for a second. To catch up, you would have to watch 10 straight days of this show. No sleep, no work, no whatever. If anyone has ever done this, my goodness. You, sir or madame, need a a medal; rather, a hunk of gold.

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“Inside Out” review: a memory soon not forgotten

Inside Out did not disappoint. The Animation Curation team checked out the film today to see what all the hype was about and came to the conclusion that Inside Out is a one of Pixar’s best works due to its imagination world-making, excellent symbolism in each scene, relatability and lasting impact.inside out review

In the world of Inside Out, each person is controlled by a range of emotions (Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust) in characterized form, living in that person’s head. The actions of these emotions are commanded by a control panel, operated by the emotions themselves. If Joy controls a situation,  then the person will respond positively to a situation. If Fear controls, the person will be cautious toward a situation. Not only is this system wildly creative, it is very believable.

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