Disney World prices magically soar

Disney World admission prices might rise to $125 for a single day this summer, according to the Washington Post. They are currently $105, and last year, a ticket cost $99. The Post’s article,”How theme parks like Disney World left the middle class behind,” is an interesting investigation on the gradual and  (more recently) spiking admission prices for the Happiest Place on Earth. Adjusted to inflation, a one-day ticket cost $20.46 when the park opened in 1971.

The most shocking thing the Post mentioned is that park attendance has peaked in recent years. So why should ticket prices be raised? It’s no surprise that the Walt Disney Company is money-hungry, but exploiting its visitors seems too cruel. A slight price increase is understandable, but a $20 increase over the course of one summer is absurd.

Imagine this situation: a family of four plans a Disney World summer vacation. They are all ready to go, but due to the price increases, suddenly the trip is out of their range. The kids will be crying about not getting to meet Elsa or Anna and now mom and dad have a reputation for making empty promises. Unfortunately, this family is not unique.

Does Disney really need to make more money on top of the incredible profits they are already earning? The Post  speculated that Disney World might become a place only for the upper class. It was originally established as a family-friendly and affordable destination, so prices should stop climbing.

I would hate to see this tradition end, or worse and more realistically, I would hate to see Disney forcing families to pay more for the magic. People will keep going to Disney World, but guests’ wallets will keep shrinking.

Alternatively, families could save money and settle for this type of entertainment:

Fake Mickey and Donald
Something is a bit ff with “Donald” and “Minnie” pictured here in a theme park that is certainly not Disney World.

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