Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” cast changes

After experiencing a production full of changes, now Pixar has decide to replace the majority of “The Good Dinosaur’s” voice actors. The film will be released on Nov. 25.

The Good Dinosaur, Pixar’s second film of 2015 (due on Nov. 25), is undergoing some serious cast changes. According to Cartoon Brewfive cast members have been replaced, including high profile comedians Bill Hader and Neil Patrick Harris. A few new cast members include Anna Paquin,  Raymond Ochoa and Jeffrey Wright, among others.

The Good Dinosaur’s production has been shaky since it was first announced at the 2011 D23 Expo. Since then, the film has experienced a change in directors, a story overhaul and now last-minute cast changes.

Will the final product reflect its tumultuous production? Five years ago, there would be no doubt in my mind that The Good Dinosaur would be flawless, regardless of its journey to the cinemas. However, in the past few years, we have learned that Pixar is not perfect.

After 15 years of critical and commercial dominance, the pressure built up, culminating with the studio’s first real failure, Cars 2. Time Magazine’s review of the film was titled “A Pixar Fantasy That Runs Out of Gas,” which accurately described the worn-out state of the studio at the time.

But is different now. They’ve taken a two year break in filmmaking, giving its creative minds a chance to rest. But I still wonder: will The Good Dinosaur be Pixar’s return to glory? The studio’s Inside Out already boasts stellar reviews, but one great film is not a true return to glory, it is an ultimate tease.

Let’s hope The Good Dinosaur’s drastic cast change is for the better and not a terrible mistake. Regardless of what happens on Nov. 25, I will be in the theaters, eager to see Pixar’s troubled project.


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