Cuphead: a 2-D animated Xbox One/Steam game

One of the most promising reveals at this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) so far has to be Cuphead, a co-op run and gun 2-D shooter. It will be released on Xbox One and Steam sometime on 2016. The Verge called it “the video game Walt Disney would have loved.” Cuphead is of particular interest to The Animation Curation because well, it’s like you’re controlling a 1930’s video game. Take a look:

There have been games somewhat similar in visual style to Cuphead, notably 1994’s Mickey Mania, which allowed players to navigate iconic cartoons such as “Steamboat Willy” and “Mickey and the Beanstalk.” However, 20 years of technology has allowed Cuphead’s old-timey animation to look much more pristine

Cuphead looks beautiful and unlike any other video game, but it would be simply be amazing if the gameplay is as impressive as its visuals. We have to wait and see, but regardless, Cuphead is a unique, interesting and exciting for animation and video game fans alike. Share your Cuphead thoughts  in the comments.


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