“Peanuts” movie trailer shows more of Charlie Brown and gang

The first full length trailer for the new Peanuts movie has hit the web. Blue Sky Studios (behind films such as Ice Age and Rio) is bringing Charlie Brown and the gang to theaters on Nov. 6. The animation is clearly not hand drawn like the various other Peanuts films over the years, but that should have very little to do with the film’s quality.

Speaking of quality, hopefully Blue Sky Studios won’t just give us a rock. Here’s the trailer:

From the trailer, it seems Charlie Brown is trying to reinvent himself by actually not being the biggest loser on the block. That underdog-to-hero plot line is certainly overdone, but the Peanuts cast could add a new charm to it.

But what will becoming a hero do for the character of Charlie Brown? Hasn’t he always been destined to comically fail over the years, each time learning a valuable lesson about the realities of life, often coming from the stoic philosophies of Linus? Will the tone of the series be sacrificed for the plot of the story? The very essence of Charlie Brown’s hero status is that he the atypical hero, the one who doesn’t exactly reach the goal at the end.

However, it might be nice to see Charlie finally make reach the goal after decades of falling short. There is no confirmation that Charlie will completely succeed in the new film, but it looks to be that way from the trailer. If he does succeed in this film, where else would the story have to go? So many questions, but the situation honestly does not seem this drastic. The trailer still offers plenty of Charlie Brown fail moments.

At the Animation Curation, we love the Peanuts series and are always happy to watch the classics such as It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!, but we are open to new ideas the timeless series has to offer.


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