“Inside Out” opens today!

inside out today
All the emotions of “Inside Out” will be happy to see you; they all just express it in different ways.

Now is a time for celebration.

As everyone in the whole world knows, Pixar’s highly anticipated (and do I mean highly anticipatedInside Out opens in the United States today. Never before have I been so excited to get emotional.

Judging by reviews, this movie is the real deal. The one we’ve all been waiting for. I don’t mean to hype the movie up, but on what other occasions will I have the opportunity to do this?

Everybody: make Inside Out a priority this weekend. Okay, if you have that business trip or something, make Inside Out your priority this month. Just don’t wait to watch this on DVD or Netflix.

If you plan on going to see this, but one of your friends says it’s “just another cartoon,” tell that person: “You’re just another friend.” That should work.

Now it is time. Here we go!


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