“Inside Out” review: a memory soon not forgotten

Inside Out did not disappoint. The Animation Curation team checked out the film today to see what all the hype was about and came to the conclusion that Inside Out is a one of Pixar’s best works due to its imagination world-making, excellent symbolism in each scene, relatability and lasting impact.inside out review

In the world of Inside Out, each person is controlled by a range of emotions (Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust) in characterized form, living in that person’s head. The actions of these emotions are commanded by a control panel, operated by the emotions themselves. If Joy controls a situation,  then the person will respond positively to a situation. If Fear controls, the person will be cautious toward a situation. Not only is this system wildly creative, it is very believable.

The story centers around Riley, an 11-year-old girl experiencing a variety of emotional states due to her family’s recent move from a small town in Minnesota to San Francisco. Throughout the film, Riley’s emotions explore her memories to help her adjust to the changes in her life.

One of the most surprising things about this film is how realistic it is. Many people have gone through a struggle similar to Riley’s; we all experience change, meet new friends and lose contact with old ones, and find a way to move on. This film is a serious study on childhood adolescence as much as it is a comedic family film. It captures the essence of human memories by crafting a well-thought out metaphor that visualizes where the thousands of memories go and how each one effects that person. Some memories are remembered forever, some immediately forgotten, and others recalled at the most random times.

This very impressive film is sure to remain in its viewers’ minds for quite a while. On top of that, Inside Out is one of the most intellectual family movies ever produced. Filled with innovative ideas in each scene, memorable characters, and probably filled with more emotions than your own (insert important life event here), Inside Out will be remembered as one of Pixar’s best in the studio’ glorious filmography.



One thought on ““Inside Out” review: a memory soon not forgotten

  1. Hey dudes and dudettes, long time since I last was here. Just wanted to state that I finally got around to watching Inside Out. I have to say I enjoyed it, it’s a really good concept. I agree that it’s very believable.


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