Disney’s “Pocahontas” is 20 years old

Sorry for making you feel old, but Disney’s Pocahontas is celebrating its 20th anniversary. To commemorate this event, here are a few ways you can join the fun with Poke-y.


1. Go out and canoe on the nearest body of water; there’s always something just around the river bend.

poke and john

2. Do some good old fashioned ‘shipping between historical figures, such as King George and Martha Washington. Disney’s allowed to do this, so why shouldn’t you be?


3. Wait for the wind to pick up, go outside, and let your hair blow wild and free. You might have to wait until autumn for the full effect.


4. Sing the “Savages” song in honor of Andrew Jackson. Satirically, of course; the Trail of Tears was a horrible thing.

poky 2

5. Most of all, realize that we can all feel a little better if we sing a song.

How will you celebrate Pocahontas’s 20th anniversary?


One thought on “Disney’s “Pocahontas” is 20 years old

  1. Brett this is a fantastic site for all things in animation that really matter. Thanks for all the time and research you put into it. It is up to date and well informed. One of your biggest fan!

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