One Piece: the endless pirate anime

Anime News Network recently published an article called “How to Conquer One Piece” and I had to laugh. One Piece is an anime series about a pirate exploring basically everywhere on Earth’s oceans. It is around 700 episodes long–and not over yet.

one piece
There’s the whole gang of “One Piece.” The series is near 700 episodes in length and refuses to stop. Wanna watch it?

700 episodes… Take that in for a second. To catch up, you would have to watch 10 straight days of this show. No sleep, no work, no whatever. If anyone has ever done this, my goodness. You, sir or madame, need a a medal; rather, a hunk of gold.

The author of “How to Conquer One Piece,” Sam Leach, offers a few ways to conquer the beast. He recommends you skip around a bit, because the show is divided into very distinct story arcs, each one about 50 episodes long. He also recommends viewers take a break every once and a while to watch something different.

That is very sound advice, but when approaching a show like One Piece, realize something: you have entered into something of a life-long relationship. Even when not watching One Piece, you are watching One Piece; your head is playing through the scenes from last night’s episode or visualizing what the hero will encounter next. Whether you’re washing the dishes at home or entering data in your spread sheet at work, that pirate will be on your mind.

One Piece generally receives high acclaim from critics and anime fans alike, so there’s no doubt that it’s a great show. However, one could easily complete around 35 other fantastic anime series in the same time it would would take to catch up on One Piece. 

My advice? If you really want to watch One Piece or another ridiculously long series, sprinkle it throughout your lifetime. Maybe you’ll finish it, maybe you won’t; it’s an adventure consumed by the ocean itself, refusing its passengers an easy port in which to land.


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