Mutafukaz: new gangster sci-fi animated epic

Cartoonbrew reports that Mutafukaz, a new sci-fi animated film made by Japan’s Studio 4°C and French multimedia company Ankama, is in development. The film, an adaptation of the eponymous French comic, is about a hallucination-prone pizza delivery man and his adventures avoiding death from various adversaries. It would probably make more sense if you watched the trailer:

This movie looks very stylized and abstract, yet not so abstract that it is jarring to look at (unlike Studio 4°C’s Mind Game). The first thing that I noticed watching the trailer is how fluid and aesthetically pleasing the animation is. Its visuals look like a combination of The Boondocks and Satoshi Kon films, the former because of its urban feel and the latter because of its use of live-action cinematography techniques, in which Kon was a master (click to check out the video).

Aside from those comparisons, Mutafukaz simply looks like a fun action movie. The animation world does not have enough of these stand-alone, intense action films, especially traditionally animated ones.

The film is a long way from completion, due for release in France in 2017. Whenever this film hits your country, make sure to check it out. Looks like a Mutafuk’in good time.


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