Nickelodeon Magazine returns!

Nickelodeon Magazine Please! The front cover of the June 2015 edition. Will this begin a new early of the legendary publication?

Remember the old days of the 90s and early 2000s that everyone seems to talk about on the Internet, filled with Rugrats, Britney Spears and others? Now a key player is returning: Nickelodeon Magazine is back on the press and was released this week.

That’s right, the legendary magazine that filled so many childhoods with outrageous pranks, innovative humor and a reporting dog is producing new content.  If this isn’t sparking any memories, Buzzfeed is here to remind us why we loved Nick Mag. Thanks, Buzz.

Nick Mag made its first splash in 1993 and enjoyed 13 years old publication before it quietly disappeared from newsstands in 2009. The magazine’s new incarnation is reported to be heavier in comic content than its earlier form. However, the zany feel is sure to remain.

Now that it’s back, the question is: will it be back for good? It definitely has shot at sticking around. In 2014, the US magazine industry made $26.09 billion in revenue. Although the numbers are not as high as they were pre-2008 before the economic recession (revenue was $30.29 billion in 2008), the numbers today remain strong.

Nickelodeon Magazine is a very fun publication, and today’s kids are fortunate it is back. Stay strong, Nick Mag.


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