Disney poop pulled at Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Match the Species, sold at Animal Kingdom, has been discontinued. I don’t think anyone is upset about this.

Disney World tried to be a little edgy, but that’s no what the people wanted. Instead, they had an accident. About a week ago, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park began selling chocolate desserts shaped like animal feces at the park’s Zuri Sweets Shop. After numerous complaints, the Disney discontinued the treat.

According to the Disney Food Blog, the dessert was called Match the Species. Guests purchased the treat and had to figure out what animal the poop belonged to, be it giraffe, rhino, or whatever. Good idea to teach kids about animal droppings, Disney, but terrible execution.

This is why the idea failed:a bakery is not the place to teach people about animal poop. That’s the last thing guests probably want to think of in a bakery. Really, way to ruin an appetite. If Disney’s going to teach its visitors about scatology, do it in one of the animal enclosure areas or by Kilimanjaro Safaris. That would actually work and be relevant to the attraction. We don’t want poop to be relevant in a bakery.

Any other thoughts on Disney’s blunder? Or do you remember any other times when Disney made a mess like this?


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