Disney Quest to close in Downtown Disney

disney quest
A section of Disney Quest that features classic arcade games, free per play with general admission into the complex.

A little bit of magic is leaving The Happiest Place on Earth. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Downtown Disney’s famed virtual reality and interactive video game center, Disney Quest, will close next year. It will be replaced by an NBA attraction of sorts.

The Orlando Sentinel makes a few good points as to why Disney Quest (which opened in 1998) is seriously outdated. The attraction’s technology and games presented as cutting edge in the late 1990s and 2000s no longer meet that standard. As the article mentions, most of the stuff in Disney Quest can easily be accessed or topped with Smartphones.

However, this is a serious loss. Disney Quest is unique in today’s world: it is a five story, 100,000 square feet arcade. Is there anything else like that in America? I’m sure there are Japanese arcades that rival Disney Quest in Tokyo or Akiabara, but in America? No way.

The most unique thing about Disney Quest is that the large majority of the arcade games and attractions are free per play with general admission. Are you a big Galaga fan but always run out of quarters? No fear, you can keep playing until closing time! Love Dance Dance Revolution but always lose early on and waste money? Don’t worry, you can keep training as long as you want! Besides these two games, there are so many other classic games, such as Tekken, Guitar Hero, racing games and more.

I am sad that Disney Quest is closing, and I hope you can fit it into your Disney World schedule if you’re visiting this year. I am well aware that the innovation factor is long gone there, but that still does not change how awesome it is.

Arcades are no as popular as they used to be. Put simply, they are a relic of the past. However, something does not have to be cutting edge to be fun. Too bad that kind of stuff doesn’t make the big bucks.

As a kid, Disney Quest was my number one destination during family Orlando trips. Heck, it still is. If you are a video game fan, experience Disney Quest before it’s gone and lost to time.


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