“The Iron Giant” to be re-released this fall

iron giant
The new poster for “The Iron Giant” re-release. Will the film soar in the box office like never before?

Brad Bird fans unite! His often overlooked debut animated feature, The Iron Giant, is returning to theaters this fall. Upon release, it will contain two new scenes. Further details are unknown.

When The Iron Giant opened in 1999, it made only $33 million dollars at the box office. With a budget of around $70 million, it was a financial failure. However, this did not stop it from receiving critical success (96% on RottenTomatoes), eventually becoming a cult classic, and giving Bird the opportunity to become one of the most successful animators of the decade.

Bird has always been a unique storyteller when it comes to animation. His culinary fable Ratatouille taught us that anyone can cook, he explained that extraordinary powers are not enough to keep a family together in The Incredibles, and in The Iron Giant, he let audiences know that during the Cold War, kids were bound to find the most unlikely of friends.

With this re-release, will Bird’s baby finally get its time to shine? Although it will be a limited release, I can the see every seat being sold out.


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