Pixar through Science

An imagine of Sully from “Monster’s Inc” as seen in the Science Behind Pixar exhibit in the Boston Museum of Science.

Want to experience how Pixar films are made? Now you can find out at The Science Behind Pixaran exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science, sponsored by The National Science Foundation. The focus of the exhibit is to teach individuals the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) behind the studio’s ward-winning films. It runs until December 2015.

For those animation fans who are interested in a STEM-related field of study, I would imagine that this exhibit is something of a dream come true. How cool would be to see how some of the most critically-acclaimed films of all time were created on the screen? After all, it’s not like Woody or Sully or Dory suddenly appeared in our world; they had to be brought to life somehow through complicated computer coding and various other STEM-related tasks.

If you happen to be in Boston anytime soon, stop by the Museum of Science to check out the technical origins of your favorite Pixar characters. To learn more about the actual exhibit, visit the exhibit’s page on the Museum of Science webpage.


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