Crash Bandicoot animation surfaces

In the early days of Playstation, Crash Bandicoot was a mascot for Sony’s video game system. As a cartoony animal who embarked on adventures collecting crystals, he was something of an ideal video game character. His 1996 debut game showcased Playstation’s 3D rendered graphics capabilities. Recently, the game producer, David Siller, unveiled what could have been the game’s cut scenes, which are not 3D, but hand-drawn animation. Check out the video:

Siller posted on the video’s YouTube page that this test animation had the potential to be a cartoon series in addition to being included in some of the games. For some reason, this never happened. Did Sony miss an opportunity?

For those who grew up playing “Crash Bandicoot” games (like myself) or have played them before, imagine having an animation style like that in the game. It is definitely Crash as we have never seen him before. This unearthed image of Crash opens so many possibilities for where the series could have gone.

As previously stated, Crash Bandicoot was immensely popular in the 1990’s. However, as a Saturday morning cartoon star, he had the potential to become even more present in the public consciousness. If this was a full out series, I would definitely take the time to watch it, just for the animation quality alone.

So looking at the animation itself, it is very vibrant and fluid with few noticeable shortcuts. Crash is brought to life in a way never see before, and I think it is rather impressive, especially since the footage was shelved. What did you think of the “lost” Crash?


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