Ghibli’s “Only Yesterday” English dub confirmed

According to sources such as Anime News Network and Rotoscopers, Studio Ghibli’s 1991 film, Only Yesterday is finally getting an English dub. There is no word when it will be released, but it is long overdue.

“Only Yesterday” protagonist Takeo in her 27-year-old and middle self. After years of going dubless and avoiding American distribution, the film is finally receiving an English dub. This is a great sign.

Not only was Only Yesterday dubless for nearly 25 years, but it had no official American distribution. Disney never licensed it as it did other Ghibli films because it contains a scene  discussing menstruation. It’s a shame that a simple scene like that scared American producers away for so long.

If you read my Top Ten Studio Ghibli Movies list, I have “Only Yesterday” at number 9, so I am overjoyed about this news. I think it is Ghibli’s most underrated film and possibly one oft he most underrated animated films ever. Here is the plot: Only Yesterday is a drama about about a 27-year-old woman (Taeko) reflecting on her childhood while visiting her old friend’s farm.

Also receiving an English dub is Ronja, the Robber’s Daughtera 2014 CGI TV series directed by Goro Miyazaki. It will be great to finally see this Ghibli work.

When more news is out there on this, I will post!


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