“The Good Dinosaur” is making me nervous

Pixar is giving me stomach pains; they’re making me nervous.

Their newest film, The Good Dinosaur, will be released on Nov. 25. I know nothing about the film and it is coming out in less than three months.

What's this dinosaur movie about-

Okay, I know the movie is about a boy and a dinosaur set in prehistoric times. But besides that, I know nothing.
Pixar, why are you hiding so much information from us? Months (many months) before Inside Out was released this summer, I had a great idea of what the plot would be about. With The Good Dinosaur, I feel like I’ve been trapped in a cave, guarded by velociraptor refusing to give me answers.

In all honesty, the film’s trailer presents a pretty basic plotline: a story of a friendship between animal and man. Pixar is hiding everything else for one of two reasons: one, they want audiences to be surprised by the super intricate and emotional story yet to be revealed, or two, that emotional journey is non-existent (extinct).

Pixar being Pixar, they probably are waiting to reveal a masterpiece. If that is the case, this will be Pixar best year yet when the success of Inside Out is considered.

But still, I am nervous. I hope the T-Rex doesn’t sense the discomfort in my tone; they thrive on that stuff.


6 thoughts on ““The Good Dinosaur” is making me nervous

  1. I think we don’t know much because like Nemo the core plot is very simple (father fish looking for son). It’s in the small details like the sharks or Crush that make the movie special. More I see, more excited I get. I think they can’t really tell us much more than they have. They’ve worked so hard on this movie I’m very optimistic.

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      1. I’m a little nervous and excited but what I see just makes me more excited than nervous. I really feel like they have taken their time to make it great and are just avoiding spoilers. Inside Out will be tough to beat but I just saw the trailer yesterday at movies and it made me pumped.

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