Greetings from The Animation Curation. I am creator and curator of the site, and I have a passion for animation. At The Animation Curation, we are very interested in where the industry will find itself next.

Animation is a visual form of storytelling at its very least, but a compelling art form that can speak to all types of individuals at its best. I was first compelled by animation as a child,  watching Disney films on VHS tapes until they were worn out. Years later, Disney’s happiness and charm was counter-balanced by the realities and unique whimsies of Studio Ghibli films and other anime works.

Animations breathes. Animation lives. At the Animation Curation, we’re here to report as much of it as we can: the big stories like the announcement of live-action Disney adaptions to smaller independent works such as Randall Kaplan’s Boxhead. 

Explore the wonders and learn as much as you can here.


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